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Zhuorui Fu Collection of handmade leather bags nyc has debuted its classy and simple design through its online and social media store. The elegant haute-couture brand takes inspiration from the millennial ethics by Zhu and the Franco-Italiano making of Roberto.


The brand offers its primary line of 100% handmade classy leather handbags and accessories made in France. The products are made in vera pelle, Italian real leather in top quality.

Since the debut, the brand has attracted royal metropolitan following. Zhuorui Fu Collection branded its slogan on the curation of style, which is ‘the books one has read, the places one has been, and the people one has loved’. The multidimensional replay of fashion and style naturally circulates around a crowd of well-off casual cool intelligentsia customers.


Speaking of the origin of ZFC, the founder and creative director Zhu has accentuated that she meant to create a “style” line instead of a fashion line, which can be superficial and unethical. Former fashion journalist and a millennial banker, Zhu extended her IT girl taste to the impeccable French traditional production.


“(My maker partner) Roberto is paid well. We only use natural coloring made at home and the authentic leather‘vachette’, calfskin from the cattle that are used as meat.” Zhu told Behind the Scenes. The brand makes small-batch of premium sling bags at limited quantity, mostly created as the tailored taste of each individual customer. Drawing sharp contrast with the crocodile-skin Birkin bags alike, the reasonably-priced ZFC bags are the status symbol for the new elites, or more, the coolest IT girls and dudes of the era.


            Despite having 40 years of experience in making pure leather travel bags, the shy maker designer partner of Zhu, Roberto, has playfully blended his Franco-Italiano background with the NY-based globe-trotting stories of Zhu. “Being millennial does not mean we are not made of frivolous quality”, Zhu said, “Just as, being experienced and Franco-Italiano does not mean out-of-reach. It only means we are chic, for a long time.”


            When relating to her Chinese background, Zhu said she is very grateful and proud of her roots. Nevertheless, she spent her early life growing up in a city that has only 30 year of history, so she said she had proactively sought after traditions and cultures that were lacking in her earlier upbringing. Having attended the alma-mater of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Zhu has certainly taken the sophistication of cultures into quality modern designs.


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